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Welcome to Ocean One Marine

Ocean One Marine has the best boat lifts, docks and seawalls in the world.  Our experienced staff can help you with any marine project.  All of our products are DIY – or where needed, we will arrange for expert installation services.

If you need a quote, design and layout assistance or you just want to talk about your project we’re here to help.

A few facts about us:

  • We have over 25 years of experience.
  • We offer expert permit processing services.
  • We provide quality parts and supply for every type of boat lift, dock and seawall.

Contact us anytime for a free quote or consultation at 561.846.0048 or Info@OceanOneMarine.com

We sell boat lifts, docks and seawalls …

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Ocean One Marine sells high quality, long lasting docks of any size or type.  We offer a wide variety of decking from No. 1 Marine Grade Pressure Treated (.40 ACQ) lumber to high quality composites and plastics.  Our framing hardware includes high quality stainless steel to attach to existing pilings or seawalls.  We offer design services for all dock projects.  Build your own fixed or floating dock with our DIY solutions.

Need something for your lift, dock or seawall? Find it at Ocean One Marine Supply …

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Ocean One Marine – selling boat lifts, docks and sea walls for over 25 years!

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